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Creating an AUTHENTIC Brazilian Dining experience.

Paparazzi Brazilian Steak House showcases the flavours and cultural flair of Brazil. Following a centuries-old tradition of cooking on an open fire, diners can experience endless cuts of succulent beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. Prepared by our Chefs flown in from Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

A two-sided disk is used by diners to signal when they’re ready for these sizzling skewers: green means "More, please!" and red means "I've had enough, for now." But leave room, as the experience is just beginning.

The Galleria features hot and cold items to accompany your meal including crisp salads, antipasto, chartucerie selections and colourful starters. Paparazzi is also home to a sophisticated wine collection. As well as a wide variety of liquors and beverages.

Since opening in the spring of 2019 Paparazzi offers; this authentic, Brazilian dining experience.

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